Bader School Parliament

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Bader parliament has went to the Town hall. This is how it went for me. The first bit was leaving. I was so excited! 😀 I thought “Well, I hope the Mayor lets us in..” Next ten minutes, BOOM. Legs are killing me. I whispered to myself “Well, I guess games will help me pass […]

Culture Minister – Xander is working on looking at links with history in the classroom and learning about other countries. See Minister for Culture page for more details. Sport Minister – Ellie is going to post some history about sport and Middlesbrough Football Club, see her Minister for Sport page for more. Charity – Ebony […]

We met today to discuss new ideas for the next half term! Environment – Minister for Environment along with the rest of the Parliament shared their concern linked with not having enough bins outside around the school. The Minister for Environment is going to look into purchasing more rubbish bins for the school this next […]