Bader School Parliament

Today was the first meeting held with all the new members of the Bader Parliament!
We have changed around some of the roles along with adding new members in to the new positions.

Prime Minister – Ebony
Deputy Prime Minister – Michael
Environment Minister – Kieran
Culture Minister – Lilly (Changed from Community to Culture)
Charity Minister – Xander (Changed from Culture to Charity)
Community Minister – Evie (New member of Parliament)
Sport Minister – Sam (New member of Parliament)
Learning Minister – Ellie
Junior Minister (Y3) – Daisy
Junior Minister (Y3) – Joe
Junior Minister (Y2) – Cally (New member of Parliament)
Junior Minister (Y2) – Adam (New member of Parliament)

Up to date news!

Sports Minister – Chris Tomlinson is coming into Bader Primary school to do sport with children for the day. Children need to get sponsorship from home to get prizes! Thank you. Sam

Junior Minister – Cally is going to support Sam with the sport and Chris Tomlinson.

Learning Minister – I took part in a meeting with Mr Feasey, Miss White and other adults from different schools. We discussed a History Website, we all shared ideas to improve the website for staff and children to use both in and out of school. Thank you. Ellie

Junior Minister – Daisy is going to support Ellie with the learning.

Charity Minister and Deputy Prime Minister – For next week Xander and Michael are going to research ideas on how we, Bader Parliament, could raise money for people who are less fortunate than us. They are going to research some different ideas over the next week to share with the Parliament at the next meeting.

Community and Environment Ministers – Evie and Kieran are going to work together to create posters and handouts for children at school. They will aim to raise children’s awareness of taking care of our local environment/community.

Junior Minister – Joe is going to help Evie and Kieran with the posters and awareness of our environment and community.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday 5th October.
Prime Minister (Ebony) and Deputy Prime Minister (Michael)

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  1.    Sarah Sharpe on March 31, 2016 8:29 am      Reply

    What a great idea to elect a Parliament! I love the layout of your blog and the fact that you share the minutes of your meetings with everyone. Would definitely consider using this idea at my International School in Germany. Thanks to Deputy Mitchell for sharing your blog at the Education Show 2016. Keep up the great work!

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