Bader School Parliament

Today the Parliament came together to discuss ideas and plans.

Sport Minister – Sam is sharing in assembly today a video on Chris Tomlinson who is coming into school tomorrow 13.10.15, linked with circuits and sponsership.

Ebony and Xander (Prime Minister / Charity Minister) are sharing in assembly today information on selling Poppy’s in school for the 8th November.

Community and Environment (Evie and Kieran) They have worked together to create a poster on caring for the community and environment. They will be posting this on the blog this week to help make children at Bader Primary School become more aware.

Culture Minister (Lilly) and Junior Minister (Daisy) are making dance posters this week to hand out to children in Bader Primary School. Any children in school are able to meet Daisy and Lilly who will teach people on a Wednesday lunch time in the playground how to dance. This will help children to work and collaborate together having fun!

Learning Minister (Ellie) Mentioned again about a Thornaby Walk. She will speak with Mrs Watson to see if she can get this organised.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday 19th October.

Prime Minister (Ebony) Deputy Minister (Michael)

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