Bader School Parliament

This weeks Parliament meeting was focused on Children in Need ready for Friday 13th.

As a Parliament we decided to go with the theme ‘Spotty Socks’ and ‘Cakes’ to raise money as a school.

A letter will go home to all parents explaining that if children want to wear spotty socks on Friday they can do and need to bring in a pound which will go towards charity.

If children would like to bake cakes at home to bring them in on Friday they can do also. All cakes will be sold for 20p each depending on the size.

It will be an enjoyable day and the Bader Parliament are looking forward to it.

Our Charity Minister (Xander) is baking some cakes himself to bring in on Friday.

The next parliament meeting will be held on Monday 16th November.

Prime Minister (Ebony) and Deputy Prime Minister (Michael)

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