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In our meeting today we discussed ideas about how Bader Primary School can help raise money and support our local Town Hall. We have decided as a Parliament that we would like to hold a school disco. All children would be welcome and all the money raised through the tickets, food, drinks and sweets would […]

The Bader Parliament have contact with another school in Manchester. We are going to be holding a Skype session with their School Council. The Parliament have also been invited to visit their Forest School along with the Town Hall. This is another date that will be set for the Parliament to look forward to in […]

Bader parliament has went to the Town hall. This is how it went for me. The first bit was leaving. I was so excited! 😀 I thought “Well, I hope the Mayor lets us in..” Next ten minutes, BOOM. Legs are killing me. I whispered to myself “Well, I guess games will help me pass […]

Culture Minister – Xander is working on looking at links with history in the classroom and learning about other countries. See Minister for Culture page for more details. Sport Minister – Ellie is going to post some history about sport and Middlesbrough Football Club, see her Minister for Sport page for more. Charity – Ebony […]

We met today to discuss new ideas for the next half term! Environment – Minister for Environment along with the rest of the Parliament shared their concern linked with not having enough bins outside around the school. The Minister for Environment is going to look into purchasing more rubbish bins for the school this next […]

Today we held our Bader Parliament weekly meeting. We discussed the success of Red Nose Day organised by our Minister for Charity, Ebony. Please see the Charity page for our Red Nose Day video. Furthermore, the Minister for Community (Lilly) and Learning (Ellie) are in the process of organising a Thornaby Walk to learn about […]

Sport – Ellie has met with Mr Sherrington and Miss Mulligan this last week. Ellie has updated all of the information from the meeting on ‘Minister for Sport’. She found out only 2% of the full school don’t go to a club. Community and Learning – Ellie and Lilly have spoken to Mrs Watson and […]

All children met today and shared different books they had got from the Library. They have choose them to help support their knowledge and understanding on the different areas: culture, charity, sport, environment, learning and community. Ideas were discussed about tasks to be carried out this next week and to be brought to our next […]

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