Bader School Parliament

In our meeting today we discussed ideas about how Bader Primary School can help raise money and support our local Town Hall.
We have decided as a Parliament that we would like to hold a school disco. All children would be welcome and all the money raised through the tickets, food, drinks and sweets would go towards helping refurbish the Town Hall.



The Bader Parliament have contact with another school in Manchester. We are going to be holding a Skype session with their School Council. The Parliament have also been invited to visit their Forest School along with the Town Hall. This is another date that will be set for the Parliament to look forward to in the Autumn Term of the next academic school year.

Minister for Charity – Ebony has been collecting unwanted clothes, toys and other items from children at Bader. They are being taken to one of our local charity shops. Photos to follow.

Minister for Sport – Ellie has been working with Mr Sherrington and photos will follow showing work she has been doing linked with clubs.

Minister for Culture – Xander has decided he would like to see if children could have the opportunity to learn / play some music from another culture. He is going to speak to Mrs Jones to find out more!

Our next meeting is being held Monday 18th May.

Thank you

Prime Minister (Ciaran) and Deputy Prime Minister (Michael)

Bader parliament has went to the Town hall. This is how it went for me.

The first bit was leaving. I was so excited! 😀 I thought “Well, I hope the Mayor lets us in..” Next ten minutes, BOOM. Legs are killing me. I whispered to myself “Well, I guess games will help me pass time. So I played ‘I spy’. I was playing with Ellie. She’s posting right now! (BTW, its 45 minutes to get there and i guess i WOULD have to pass time) 20 minutes flew by. Different games every 5 min. I walked for 10 min. I knew that there was 10 min left so, I went for it. “All you gotta do is believe..” I thought. 10 min went a long way. And YES! I am at the Town Hall of Thornaby. The clock looked like Big Ben, to be honest! 😀 Well, The Minister of Nothing greeted us. He told us a bit about this amazing place and when is was built. That was 1890. THE MORE YOU KNOW! 😀 Well, We went inside. We had to sign a thing so that if a Fire occurred, they would know I (Or WE) were there. I guess its just what happens for safety. we were greeted by the Mayor, Herself. Yes, HERself. 30 minutes flew by (just to skip stuff and i can get to the first goodies.. 🙂 ) First, Upstairs we go. Yay, windows! (You get it? I’m using windows? Ugh.. bad puns aside, Michael) First thing to note down: I sat on the Mayor’s Chair! 😀 😀 😀 I’m so happy! Well, Stuff happened. We got to look at the thing that goes to the basement! I guess stuff is modern now. Lights, Yep, Guy, Yep, wait, wut? Lel 😀 We said that we, Bader Parliament, would help and add a charity to our school to support improving Thornaby Town hall. I had a good day. I hope you will too. Bye! -Michael (DPM) 😀

Culture Minister – Xander is working on looking at links with history in the classroom and learning about other countries. See Minister for Culture page for more details.
Sport Minister – Ellie is going to post some history about sport and Middlesbrough Football Club, see her Minister for Sport page for more.
Charity – Ebony has written a letter to send home to parents, this just needs to be confirmed by Mr Feasey.
Community and Learning – Ellie and Lilly are writing a letter to send out about a walk around Thornaby.
Please do not forget Ministers to post on your pages!
We will be meeting again Monday 27th April to see how things are progressing.
Thank you
Prime Minister (Ciaran) and Deputy Prime Minister (Michael)

We met today to discuss new ideas for the next half term!

Environment – Minister for Environment along with the rest of the Parliament shared their concern linked with not having enough bins outside around the school. The Minister for Environment is going to look into purchasing more rubbish bins for the school this next week.
Charity – The Minister for Charity put forward the idea of sending a letter home to children and parents about bringing in old or any unwanted clothes and toys. These could be put in shoe boxes and sent to children around the world who are less fortunate than we are.
Learning – The suggestion of VCOP pyramids and Maths Mats was put forward and is going to be looked into this coming week.

…Linked with…

Community – they are both planning a walk around Thornaby to learn more about our community and the history behind Thornaby. This is being arranged with the help of Mrs Watson.
Sport – The Sport Minister has discussed with Mr Sherrington different ideas and they currently have links with other clubs. A board has been put up in Mr Feaseys office showing different after school clubs that are available to children in our school. Follow the Sport Minister page for more information on this!

Thank you.
Our next meeting will take place on Monday 20th April.

Prime Minister (Ciaran) and Deputy Prime Minister (Michael)

Today we held our Bader Parliament weekly meeting. We discussed the success of Red Nose Day organised by our Minister for Charity, Ebony. Please see the Charity page for our Red Nose Day video.

Furthermore, the Minister for Community (Lilly) and Learning (Ellie) are in the process of organising a Thornaby Walk to learn about our community and its history.

In addition to this, we had 11 children from Year 4 and 5 who joined our Parliament meeting today as they had all put themselves forward to be a digital leader. Last week, the Parliament, put together some questions to ask digital leaders why they think they deserve the role.
All children were successful in answering the questions providing us (the Parliament) with lots of reasons as to why they would make a good digital leader.
We held a parliament discussion and decided all children would be suited to the role. We then went on to vote for a head digital leader for Year 4 and one for Year 5. These two children are Lewis and Jaehjay.

Well done all digital leaders, we have no doubt you will be great and look forward to us (parliament) and you all working together.

Thank you

Ciaran (Prime Minister) and Michael (Deputy Prime Minister)

Sport – Ellie has met with Mr Sherrington and Miss Mulligan this last week. Ellie has updated all of the information from the meeting on ‘Minister for Sport’. She found out only 2% of the full school don’t go to a club.

Community and Learning – Ellie and Lilly have spoken to Mrs Watson and are arranging a history walk around Thornaby. They are considering taking a child from each Year Group so they can feedback information about Thornaby at school.

Environment and Community – Lilly and Kieran visited Wilkinsons this last week. They recieved bird seed to attract birds around Bader. There will be pictures to follow on the Environment and Community pages.
Kieran checks on the bird seed each week to ensure they are full!

Charity – Ebony and her friend Libby put forward an idea to the rest of the school in assembly on Friday 27th March. They asked the whole school if they would be interested in holding a Red Nose Day to help raise money on Friday 13th March. The whole school voted yes to having a Red Nose Day. Ebony has ordered Red Nose Day packs and there will be more to follow on the Charity page!

Culture – Xander is going to meet Mr Hayes to talk about different languages that are taking place in school.
This Monday (2nd March) our lead language teacher is taking a Year 4 class for 20 minutes to teach them so more French before their trip to France in 3 weeks!

We will be holding our next Parliament Meeting on Monday 9th March

Thank you

From our Bader Prime Minister (Ciaran) and Deputy Prime Minister (Michael)

All children met today and shared different books they had got from the Library. They have choose them to help support their knowledge and understanding on the different areas: culture, charity, sport, environment, learning and community.

Ideas were discussed about tasks to be carried out this next week and to be brought to our next meeting on Monday 2nd March.

Sport: (Ellie) Ellie is going to try and arrange a short meeting with her support teachers to discuss possibilities of ordering more sport equipment along with looking at the sport timetable.

Community and Learning: (Lilly and Ellie) They are going to talk to their support teachers about the possibility of a walk around Thornaby learning about its history. Or a possible visit to a local care home.

Charity: (Ebony) Ebony has written a letter to take to Mr Feasey about children bringing things in to send to charities. This will hopefully be put into a school letter and sent home to all parents/guardians.

Culture: (Xander) To meet with support teacher about possibility of posting some Latin information that Year 5’s have been learning about onto our blog.

Next Bader Parliament meeting will take place on 02.03.15


Bader Prime minister, Ciaran, and Deputy Prime Minister, Michael.


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